Before entering the sauna, you must take your clothes off. You can start your staying in sauna weither with dry or wet skin. If you are in sauna with guests, you should pay attention to personal hygiene: while sitting use your personal towel, and before entering sauna it is necessary to take a shower and remove jewerly if you are wearing it.

Purpose of sauna is to eliminate poisons from organism on natural way and to masage blood vessels. While sweating, trough skin, you release a bunch of toxins which are found in organisms. During the process body loses liquid, so we recomend to drink water or exc. until the thurst is fulfiled, but avoid sodas and sparkly drinks. The advantage of dry sauna is that the organism tolerates it better.

The ideal temperature for 'Sauning' in our climate conditions, is from 60-80 degrese, with lasting from 5-20 minutes. By wattering the rock(with adds of all kinds of eteric oils),you increase percent of wettnes and intensity of sweating. Staying in sauna streinghtens your heart and bloodstream, it relaxes the muscles and removes dirt from skin and you get perfect ten(The sauna contributes to regenerating skin tishues), it improves resistance of organism to all kinds of deseases, and the most inportant deed of sauna is relaxing effect-'' In Sauna all the anger and madness evaporates.''. It is recomended to use sauna three times a week because of all positive effects it provides: eliminating harmfull materies, skin breathes and gets better look, relaxation and calming effect: Peaceful sleep and better energy.

Because of risk sauna is not recomemded to pregnant women, and those who have high or low blood preasshure, high temperature, and old people and kids who have risk of dehidrating.

We wish you nice staying


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